A new blog entry written only a day after the previous one?  Somebody, alert the…media.  Okay that was lame.  But anyway, yes this is real.  Feels funny, I never thought I’d do two entries in a row.  Seeing as how I’m in another mood of wanting-to-escape by writing whatever’s on my mind, though, I figured, “Why not, let’s roll with it.”  So let the rolling start.

I’ve been thinking about this TV show I used to watch as a kid called Stickin’ Around.  For those who might not have heard of it, it was a cartoon produced in Canada for YTV during the 90s that was animated in a real sketchy stick figure approach. Yes, an entire cartoon series was drawn to look as if little kids came up with it.  And ya know something?  It was awesome.

It’s about two kids named Stacy and Bradley who go on crazy misadventures with their friends as their wild and surreal fantasies unfold and interweave.  After watching it on youtube, I still find it madly entertaining.  Don’t let the drawings put you off, ’cause what they did with the animation itself has a lot of imagination and fun behind it.  Here’s one of the episodes I watched yesterday.

Random Story:  When I was in the fifth grade, I’d run around the playground like a maniac during recess while shouting a lot of the catchphrases from Stickin’ Around repeatedly, making up stories on the spot, rambling like said maniac, and never shutting the hell up (some things never change, haha).  I may have alienated some friends, I may have concerned some of the teachers, and I might even have foreshadowed and cemented my status as an oddball with a taste for escapism, but I didn’t care.  Stickin’ Around was a blast to watch and I let it fuel my imagination.

Now that I think about it, Stickin’ Around was a big influence on my sense of humor.  I hope they release it on DVD, ’cause in my opinion, it still holds up.  The characters are fun, the premise is outrageous, and overall, the show is always full of surprises.  Consider this a nostalgic mini review of sorts.  I’ll have to do more posts like this since I think about shows from the 90s a lot.

I’ve mentioned before that I draw, so I’m starting to wonder if I should animate stuff in that Stickin’ Around style just for laughs.  Even though I hope to improve my skills so I can draw fully-constructed characters in a Looney Tunes-inspired approach, it could be fun messing around with stick figure cartoons.  The internet is practically full of stuff like that, and I recently got a graphics tablet as a gift, so why not.

Well anyways, I’ll have to make a list of other shows to talk about.  I feel like I wanna end my posts with some words of wisdom or silly advice for life, so until next time… always remember to wash behind your ears, eat healthy, and stay positive.

Also, avoid the clap.  See ya next time everyone o/