I often feel that the whole talk-about-what-you’re-doing-or-thinking-of thing is a quick sure-fire way to get instant material.  Think about it, you’re in the moment and can be really absorbed in said moment if you’re that focused.  Explore what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking about, what’s around you, everything like that.  And if you feel like it, you can even work in past and future things.

For instant, I may or may not be relieving myself and just jotting down ideas for pretty much anything at one moment, and the next moment I could be talking about past friendships.  Or if we’re talking future things, I could mention that I’m contemplating making either grilled chicken or a spicy salad with tuna for dinner.

Sorry if that made you hungry, by the way.

But anyhow, you can even go crazy with free-association.  Talk about one thing until a new thing comes in just towards the end of that sentence.  Go into that thing you briefly touch on, take that somewhere, and then free-associate once again before you eventually tie things back to what you started talking about.  I’ve done that a lot.  It’s a fun way to just go nuts and see where your writing goes as you leap from one idea to another, while still thinking how topic A can connect to topic Z.

Use all or some of these tricks, and you’re good to go solo, guaranteed to bust a stupid rhyme, even work in a reference to a catchy Bobby Brown song.  Yes, I may have just done that.  If you noticed it, you’re awesome.  In fact, anytime you notice me referencing pretty much anything is always a time in which you’re awesome. Stay awesome, it’s a likeable trait and will get you far. 👍

Speaking of getting far, the idea of progress and growth has been on my mind a lot.  One thing, in particular, the question of where my writing will go.  Sure, I can keep going into the technique behind it and continue being self aware like this, but I feel that mindset will only get me so far in that it might not get me that far after a while.

Still, it is fun to talk about this.  I like writing, I like the ideas behind it, and I like to think about new ways of approaching it, so it’s just a matter of balancing out things like this along with free-form entries.  Plus, this will evolve as I continue doing it.  Everything should evolve.  In any act of creating, evolution is only natural.  Who says you can’t enjoy creation and evolution at the same time?

When I think about it, and when all is said and done, I just want to write.  There’s definitely more I can talk about as far as the methods go, but there will always be times when I just want to write about whatever comes to mind and go nuts.  It’s just about balancing out the two.

So no matter how you write, just aim to have fun.  It’s a no-brainer.