I used to have really random daydreams as a kid.  In a way, I still do.  These days, they often involve wondering how funny conversations can come about, envisioning a career as a motivational speaker, and even pondering a past life as an overlooked actor from 80’s films in a parallel universe.  Those are relatively normal, right? I mean, save for maybe that last one, they have a certain feeling that gives one the impression that others could think about and daydream similar ideas (again, save for that last one).  As a kid though?  Well… it’ll be a lot easier if I just go right into ‘em.

I used to envision myself living with fictional characters.  Whether it was Sonic the Hedgehog and friends, a combined hybrid of Simpsons and South Park characters, or the lovable goofballs from Tenchi Muyo, I was always daydreaming about hanging around with all or some of them.  I’m surprised I didn’t write stories about it.  It would’ve fit right into the fan-fiction community and might have given me a little boost in that whole, “Who the hell is this kid?” thing.  Makes me wonder if I should’ve done that.

Ehh but then again, things could’ve gone extremely sour after writing something like that.  Or maybe not sour, but just… bad.  Bad or forgetful.  Let’s pretend that I did write something and that it either gets attention for being so stupid it makes Pauly Shore movies seem intelligent, or it gets no attention and disappears into its own void, gathering virtual dust right next to abandoned Angelfire sites and links to Realplayer, just waiting to be forgotten and replaced with something better like DivX.

I feel like that paragraph has reached into the 90’s and early 00’s just enough.  Anymore, and I might run the risk of feeling like I’m actually in that era again.  I could even make this place look like one of those aforementioned Angelfire sites.  Fancy a visitor counter?  That could be on the way.  Want to sign my guestbook?  I’ll make you do it.  I’ll even have a message saying to do it that slides across the screen in everybody’s favourite Comic Sans as flashing colours and cheesy MIDI renditions of Blue’s Traveler’s music go off in the background.

Nah wait. Spin Doctors.  Yeah, we’ll go with them.  They sound like they’d be good in MIDI form.

So anyway, I also once daydreamed that Star Wars characters (Han and Luke, in particular) once watched me through a window in my home after I offered them a Reese’s Peanut Buttercup and then went to the fridge to get a snack only to be attacked and eaten by that rancor from Jabba’s pitt before I could enjoy another Peanut Buttercup.  Meanwhile, I also imagined Han and Luke doing absolutely nothing to help me instead of, ya know, killing the thing.  Then I realized they’d be total ass-hats if that were the case.

You know what, I take back the other fan-fiction idea.  THIS is what bad fan-fiction would look like if I were to ever write some.  Ya put yourself in random-ass scenarios and make likable characters into total dinguses who do nothing to help you and, instead, sit back while they watch you get gruesomely and hilariously beat down or killed by monsters.  Sounds like either a dark comedy or just a really fucked up story.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’ve switched to daydreaming less about interacting with fictional characters and, instead, daydream what it could be like interacting with actual people who I look up to and hope to meet one day.

So until next time, keep your head out of the clouds and quit your daydreaming, melon head.

See ya around! o/