I just finished some leftover pizza for lunch and now, here I am figuring out this last minute blog post. You’re probably thinking, “Last minute? Surely, something must’ve inspired you over the weekend! You should just make a list and choose something from it to expand on so that you can always have possible entries to work on and upload.”

First, let me get the obligatory/required Airplane reference out of the way and tell you not to call me Shirley. Second, I do do the list thing. Go on. Laugh at the fact that you just sounded out “doodoo” in your head. No really. Go ahead. You know you want to.

So anyway, I’ve actually been doing the list thing for a while. I keep physical notebooks and also offline files updated, adding potential ideas whenever they come to me. I’ve also filmed stuff and have done voice recordings in which I’m talking randomly about things that I can pull material from.

So why am I winging it at the last second and going into this? Why pull something out of my butt in an attempt to test my skills in writing and releasing a new entry within one or two hours when, instead, I could’ve done the other thing with more efficiency? Who would attempt this when they could, instead, write entries and then schedule them to upload at chosen times?

If you know my answer to that last question is, “A madman, of course! Because I’m a madman! Ahahahah!” then you know me well. But yeah, for anyone new here who may be confused, I do often challenge myself and tend to crank out blog entries either close to or on Wednesday itself.

All that aside, I have been looking into ideas on increasing productivity and making content more efficiently. So let’s answer those other questions.

I’m always going to enjoy challenging myself with last-minute writing, but I have been reorganizing files and adding things, so it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on those writings and then deciding which one I’m in the mood for when it comes to posting something. As for the scheduled entries, I’m starting to dabble into that. Not just for blog stuff, but social media posts as well. Hootsuite is looking real nice and I’ll be playing around with it, so I’m excited to be stepping into new territory.

So that’s it. That’s what’s been on my mind and has been keeping me busy. In a way, that is something that happened over the weekend and inspired me to write this, I just didn’t think about making it into a blog post since I usually do update-style things on Facebook. I figured why not take you into my head and show you how I’ve been thinking about things. I’m excited at how this will make things more efficient and even motivate me to work on other projects as well.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope everyone’s having a great week. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter for more updates.  And remember… when it comes to having a plan, it’s good to have at least 12% of a plan. Because let’s face it, it’s better than 11%.  See ya soon everybody! o/