Whenever I listen to certain music (particularly songs about dancing), I always get a little montage in my head.  Yes, a bunch of clips where people dance from either film, television, or other appearances play in my head.  And sometimes I enter a little daydream in which I’m in the montage as well.  And depending on the song, I also think of my own ideas for dance choreography I’d be doing with a friend, which is funny since I’m not a professional dancer in the slightest.  This doesn’t keep me from thinking about it and trying, though.  Remember when I once mentioned that I dance like Blossom?  Yeah, that’s a good indication of how I dance.

When it comes to footwork, I try to channel my inner Sam Rockwell.  I also think about Michael Jackson, because how can you not think about Michael Jackson when it comes to dancing?  That’s like trying not to think about the ninja turtles when you think about pizza.  And speaking of them, I think of that dance scene from Secret of the Ooze when they were dancing to Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap.”  I even think of Chris Walken’s dance from Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” music video.  My mind goes to a bit of everything.  It’s more rampant and all over the place than the writing in Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever.  Hey let’s go into that, shall we?

No, not Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever.  That movie can go suck a lemon.  I’m talkin’ about my favourite dancing clips from as a kid and especially the recent years.  One that always sticks out from when I first started watching movies is this funny scene from Beetlejuice where everyone dances at the dinner table.


The ending dance from Winona Ryder is also great; but when it comes to her, my mind goes to this scene from Reality Bites, quite possibly one of the most 90’s-tastic films alongside Hackers.


There’s something to really appreciate about these kind of scenes where people suddenly start dancing to be random and have fun.  It’s one thing to see big party-type scenes where people dance because music is playing and it only makes sense; but when it’s almost out of nowhere, it really says something about the value of being spontaneous and brings a lot of personality.  Even this Rush Hour scene does that.


And when it comes to those montage-type things, this video of Robert Downey Jr.’s random dance moments set to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” is easily my most favourite.


As far as more comedic dance scenes go, there’s this funny moment from the Kevin Kline film “In & Out.”  You’ll have to excuse the video quality, it may have been exported from a potato.  Definitely check that one out for a good laugh.  And of course, the opening to Guardians of the Galaxy is a new instant-classic.


There are a lot of others of course (dance scene from The Breakfast Club, anyone?), but I’ll let this WatchMojo video touch on them for me.  I could be here all day talking about this.


I think about what kind of lessons I’d take if I were to enroll in classes, and I feel like I want to try tap dancing.  Everything about it seems fun and the videos of people tap dancing to Irish music especially makes me wanna try it someday.  Pretty sure I once tweeted about that.  I’ve tweeted about all kinds of things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.  If I didn’t tweet about tap dancing, that’ll change after you’ve read this.  But anyway, it looks really fun, so I’ll have to look for classes around here.  I could even see myself learning ballet to work on my balance and flexibility.

I’d rather not dance like this though.

Let’s face it, I had to post this because… I had to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also because reasons. 

A couple of my favourite dancers from the current & recent years are easily LittleSiha and Amymarie Gaertner.  LittleSiha’s a very entertaining Twitch streamer who plays many games, particularly Just Dance.  She’s even won Just Dance competitions and appeared in this commercial for the game released on Nintendo’s Switch console.

Just after the one minute mark.  She’s at the front of the bus with the blue hair.

Amymarie Gaertner is another great dancer.  She’s actually self taught and got her start on the now-defunct video sharing site Vine, but still does video snippets on her Instagram and vlogs on her Youtube.  Her freestyle dances are really cool and she appeared in this commercial for Fanta a while back.


This is a long blog post, but it’s been really fun talking about this and I hope you all enjoyed this.  Give LittleSiha and Amymarie a follow, they’re incredibly talented and are easily some of the kindest most positive people out there.  🙂

I’ll definitely be revisiting this topic in the future, especially when I do take lessons.  I’ll also think of more entries like this where I use more videos than usual.

So until next time, always remember the wise words from the Men Without Hats who said, “You can dance if you want to.  You can leave your friends behind, because your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, then they’re no friends of mine.”

See ya next time everybody! o/