You know that feeling when you want to get stuff done but can’t seem to unplug? Yeah, sucks doesn’t it? I think about it, and it’s something I tend to feel quite often. Of course, that’s strange since I’m aspiring to be an online content creator and I can’t always be “unplugged.” It’s also strange since I never completely feel unplugged unless I’m outside and with no phone.

I like to do that whenever I can. Just go outside and relax. Walk around, think, and figure things out, even talking out loud to get the thoughts out and clear my head. It’s a good time to get introspective just enough. Too much, though, and I risk having an existential crisis or I end up eventually entering a state of mind in which I envision things that could be as if I’m Doug Funny or Zach Braff from Scrubs, totally incapable of controlling my daydreams.

This is totally me.

Anyway, I almost feel like I want to say that existential crises are normal. The feelings are normal in that many people do go through this, but they shouldn’t be constant to the point where some pompous snooty guy would come up to us and say, “Get used to it, kiddo.” Yea, no sir, YOU get used to having an expensive suit that’ll get nasty road water splashed on it while you’re out on a walk to your next soul sucking seminar.

Those are probably lame seminars anyway. But as I was saying, stopping for a moment to think things through is perfectly normal, but to do it non-stop and in a way that makes you question your own existence too much? Yeah… that can’t be good. One thing that comes to mind as I think about this is a very funny video produced by Youtube vlogger Daniel Howell in which he goes into existential crises.


When he says that there’s a certain “rock and roll awesomeness” about how the universe is and how you just have to roll with that, I have to agree with him. A lot of times, there are and will be things not under our control, and we have to just go with the flow. This isn’t about someone bluntly saying, “Get used to it, kiddo,” this is about the universe telling us, “You lost today, kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it,” and then giving us a cool hat to encourage us.

Ultimately, we choose how we react to things and how to take in whatever is presented to us. Sure, we have to give ourselves a break and step away from it all, unplugging from our computers, smartphones, and the like; but we also have to take a break from taking a break. We have to remember to treat ourselves. And nobody, especially our own brains, should take that from us.

So if you’re going to unplug, unplug just enough. But not too much.  I recommend the “Pomodoro” technique in which you work on something for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes after, and then repeat the process.  I feel like 25 may not sound like much, but I suppose the idea is to leave yourself wanting more as opposed to doing too much in one sitting.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this Captain Planet quote for a little motivation.  See ya later everyone!  o/

Good lord he’s creepy.