I’ve mentioned before how random thoughts often come about when I’m washing dishes, so this isn’t all that new; but one day, I started thinking about certain things.  From meeting people I want to meet, to feeling things I’ve never felt before, even silly things like what would life be like if I were a celebrity.  I feel like that last one is something that many think about, especially if they want to get into acting or anything entertainment-driven.

This whole process is almost therapeutic in a way.  It’s as if the remnants of left over food crumbs and stains on plates & silverware represent any negative thoughts or brain blockage and that they’re going down the drain as I focus on the one thing that is cleaning.  Sure, I see the nasty things, but I’m doing something to get rid of ’em.



That’s a lot of brain blockage.

The focus aspect is also a thing.  You take your mind off one thing that’s bothering you by focusing on something, performing a task, in particular.  Eventually, you feel more at ease as you keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.  Not only do you start to feel at ease, but you also start to feel capable, as you’re doing something others hate to do (especially when those dishes are piled up).  But again, you keep going.  Before you know it, you’ve just done a task that involved keeping yourself busy and taking your mind off whatever was bothering you.

Of course, not everybody feels they can clear their thoughts.  By no means is this a perfect solution, this is just what works for me.  There is mental blockage there for sure, so being able to focus doesn’t always come easy.  From my own experience, I find that getting rid of unwanted thoughts requires a lot of introspection and even outside help (I found these motivational podcasts from Steve Pavlina to be helpful).  Also, I often gauge how I’m feeling at a given moment and walk myself through my thoughts, even vocalizing them.

I’m not an expert, so I can only share what’s helped me and everyone is sure to approach things differently.  For instance, I like doing a lot of meditation and other relaxation & focus techniques.  It’s good to just focus on something small and random like the weight on your feet, your tongue, or your toes.  It wounds weird, but bringing attention to something physical like that, taking a deep breath, and then just taking in the feeling of it for a good few minutes can actually do wonders to help you feel more present.

There’s other techniques regarding presence and body science, and they’re from people far more qualified than me.  I definitely recommend Olivia Fox Cabane’s book “The Charisma Myth,” and also Amy Cuddy’s book “Presence.”  I’ve finished Olivia’s book and it’s brilliant.  It has exercises and a lot of practical advice.  I’m still going through Amy’s book at the moment, but it has a lot of interesting information and goes into many studies that explore how the body affects the mind.

Amy Cuddy’s book is based on this TED Talk she did a while back. Give this a watch for some quick insight, and also look into reading her book.  Some may dismiss the book as only being about her concept of “Power Poses,” but a large majority of it actually goes into studies and findings that explore ideas of presence and body-mind influence, with only a couple chapters exploring the power pose concept.

I feel like this is enough I can go into for now, but I thought it’d be fun to explore something a little different from what I usually talk about.  If you found this interesting, share it with your friends and definitely check out other related resources as well.  It’s worth looking into, especially if you feel stressed often.

So until next time, always do those dishes before they pile up.  But even if they do pile up, it can give you enough time to relax your mind as you wash the nastiness away, becoming serene and entering a state of mind so present that you’ll be able to take on anything others would rather set aside.  With a focused clear mind, you can do anything.

But if you have a dishwasher, I can’t help but slightly envy you.  See ya next week!  o/