Welcome to my head!

Life musings, pop culture writings, and random thoughts.

Written Reviews

I used to be a bit of a couch potato as a kid.  In addition, I like movies, and I like a lot of shows from my childhood, so any writings where I review or give some kind of thoughts on them will go here.

Nostalgic Reviews

This is where I’ll do a little review of something I grew up on. Whether it’s a cartoon, movie, or maybe even games, I’m likely to talk about something and it’ll go here. At the moment, there’s only one entry, but I really like the idea of doing more of these in the future.

Tales from the Media Shelf

A while back, I did a rather short-lived series in which I would write a different review for something from my DVD shelf every week (or every other week if something ever came up).  Eventually, I felt a little burnout and then, after returning to blogging, I decided to stop this series for various reasons.  Still, I had fun doing these entries for a while, so here they are.  There’s a good variety to the movies I chose, so I hope you find something you like. 🙂

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