I often get the most random thoughts while doing dishes.  That is to say, while cleaning dishes.  These days, one person might hear the phrase “doing dishes” and think that means having sex with them.  First off, eww.  Second, ouch; because imagine how you would feel when you’re washing knives or a Ninja Blender blade.  And third, WTF man?!

I’m sure some people can use that phrase “doing dishes” without getting lewd thoughts.  I’m sure a large percentage of people can, but I’m not sure of an exact percentage.  I could guess it, or I could find some website that keeps those kind of statistics updated, but then I’d lose track of time and probably start looking at all sorts of random-ass statistics until I realize I could’ve spent my time rewatching Blossom reruns.

Not sorry for getting this in your head, btw.

I’m a bit clueless as to what kind of random statistics could show up.  I can’t make one up other than the obligatory one that goes into how X percentage of people believe X amount of statistics on X things made up.  Three Xs in a sentence that wasn’t about the Vin Diesel movie?  Something’s not right.  Also, that was a lot of Xs.  If I keep going, this paragraph might have more exes than Ramona Flowers.  HAHAHA LOL.

You’ll have to excuse that sudden thing.  Sometimes my inner internet nerd comes out and I use those online phrases & things more than usual.  I already have a habit in which I actually say acronyms like AFK and IRL when I’m offline, so if this keeps going, I may find myself using not only more acronyms and phrases, but also those misspelled words.  You know, that “c u l8r” and “o rly” sorta’ thing.  Or worse, I could start doing l33t sp33k.  Yeah, that was a phase I went through.

Heh, I say that as if it lasted a while.  Nah all joking aside, I don’t actually think of myself as ever having gone through a single phase.  At least, not for a long period of time.  During middle school and high school, for example, I was never that crazy for the idea of hanging out with only one group of friends for an entire year.  Part of that is because I like absorbing various things as I hop from one circle of friends to another.

For instance, I’ve never been a sporty jock nor popular type; but I love the excitement, activity, and social nature within those circles.  That’s where I found and developed my extroverted traits.  And I’ve never been a full-on book nerd nor computer geek, but I like getting into my studies and computer stuff.  I feel like an amalgamation of everything I’ve always liked about others.  It took hanging around those crowds to realize that I am more chameleonic than I originally expected.  I love being around others, absorbing different things and using that to keep reinventing myself.

They say you never stop changing after high school, and it’s true.  Even now, I’m always thinking about these things and where I will go.  I guess if I were to sum it up, I actually couldn’t.  I’m still diving into myself, thinking how I can use newfound and revitalized interests to keep going.  Progression is a nice thing for sure, but I don’t plan on always moving even though I like the activity.  A lot of times, you do need a break.  A moment to think and reflect before you make another move.  You probably most likely saw this coming, but if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss something.

Thanks for the wisdom Abe Froman.

Catch ya on the flipside everyone, hope you’re having a great summer.  o/  Don’t forget the sunscreen.


Random Trivia:  I often dance like Blossom from that intro.  Why?  Because why not, that’s why.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯